Seán Breathnach

Film Director and Writer

Seán Breathnach is an Irish film director, writer and editor. His award winning films have been screened at film festivals all over the world. His debut feature film "Beyond the Woods" was released in 2018 to critical acclaim, and it was Empire Magazine's DTV must see in the June 2018 edition of the magazine.

"Seán Breathnach manages to include elements that are too often forgotten in this genre — believable, sympathetic characters and strong performances from his cast."
Rich Wilson
"Beyond the Woods really works. Its strongest suit is the element that too many low-budget horror films bungle- believable characters and decent performances."
Kim Newman
Empire Magazine

About Seán

Seán has a deep love of film. His short films have picked up awards nationally and internationally. His work has been showcased in the Irish embassy in London as an example of contemporary Irish film making. He has served on juries and industry panels at international film festivals. He is a founder member of Egomotion, a group set up to encourage film-making and networking in the south of Ireland. He has had TV series optioned by production companies in the UK, and his latest TV series “Seminary Lane” is in development with partners Silver Mountain Productions and Zanzibar Films. His debut feature film,“Beyond the Woods”picked up awards for Best International Feature Film in Montreal and London and it was Empire Magazine’s DTV must see in the June 2018 edition of the magazine.  

He enjoys damn fine coffee and good conversation.

Sean Breathnach

“Honours & Awards”

Winner: Best Horror Film – Sittannavasal International Film Festival 2023

Winner: Best Director – Couch Film Festival Toronto 2022

Winner: Best Director – Spook Screen Horror Film Festival 2019

Winner: Best Cinematography, Beara Film Fest 2019

Winner: Best Horror/sci-fi/Fantasy/Thriller, Kosice Film Festival October 2019   

Winner: Best Feature Film Canada’s World International Film Festival Montreal 2017

Winner: Best International Feature Film UVHFF London 2016

Winner: Indie Cork Creative Cork Best Short Film 2015

Winner: LIT Film Festival Best Sound 2013

Winner: Earwig Arts Festival Audience Award Best Film 2010

Special Mention: UVHFF London 2019

Nominated: Best Cast, Best Cinematography, Best Thriller – Couch Film Festival Toronto 2022

Nominated: Best Horror Film – Underground Cinema Dublin 2021

Nominated: Best Director, Rising Star, Beara Film Fest 2021

Nominated: Best Irish Film, Spook Screen 2021

Nominated: Best Thriller, National Film Awards, London 2019

Nominated: Best Horror Film, Best Score, Best Costume- Underground Cinema Dublin 2019

Nominated: Best Irish Film- Spook Screen Horror Film Festival 2019

Nominated: Limerick Film Festival Best Artistic 2015

Nominated: Grand Prix – Cork Film Festival 2013

Nominated: LIT Film Festival Best Director 2013, Best Drama 2012

Finalist: 2011 

Quarter Finalist: Fresh Voices Competition 2011 

Semi-Finalist:  Free Screenplay Competition 2009/2010

Quarter Finalist: Screenwriters Expo Competition 2007

"Breathnach recognises the importance of establishing and fleshing out his characters so that those who are later thrown into peril are not simply cyphers."
Rich Cross
Starburst Magazine
"In many ways BEYOND THE WOODS feels like a polished shot-on-video horror flick directed by M Night Shyamalan."
Glenn Tolle
Rue Morgue
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