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  "When I am pleasuring a woman, I like to hear music that is soulful, seductive and sensual. Music that is sublimely beautiful. Music that is touched by genius. My own, basically. It flatters me greatly that other people enjoy making love to my music. I like to think that I am in the room with them, observing their every lustful move. And sometimes I am." Quote by Tony Ferrino.


I began working on various music projects after "Dolmenecho" and "Quirke" parted ways. I recorded guitars, bass and vocals on a fostex 4 track. But drums were missing, so I joined up with a friend of mine - Peter Kelly (Snowblind Waltz) and we got to work. The beautiful and talented Valerie Hely put down some great backing vocals and Mark "Schneak" Stuart did an excellent job on designing the sleeves. We produced 2 EP's - 'First Draft', and 'Voice of God'.

Peter moved to England. I changed my working name to 'Floor 14' and continued to write and record music. I updated the recording equipment to an Lexicon Omega and Cubase, but the sound remained much the same - grungy and melodic. Then I teamed up with the drum guru Mr Aidan Hosty. We're still jamming and producing kick-ass tunes


The illustrious Dan Hegarty put together a press release for me back in 1998:

FLOOR 14 isn't a band, more of a hobby come side project that has become something a little more time consuming. Essentially it's the inventive, strange and sometimes funny ideas of Sean Breathnach. Sean has had all sorts of contact with music in the past from playing in bands to DJing, but this is something more cerebral. Musically there's no defining influences, but part comes from a taste which stretches from Nine Inch Nails to A-HA(!). "I was surprised when people who I'd played this to were telling me to pursue it further. When you're making music, you never know whether it's purely self-indulgent or something that will actually move people." "The last EP 'Voice of God' was recorded on a four track, so musically it's very simple but I wouldn't say simplistic. I had a lot of fun recording this and I think that comes across." 'Voice of God' wasn't recorded with a commercial view in mind and is only a rough outline of what FLOOR 14 is all about. As you'll probably agree, this music won't be a remedy for everyone's musical ills, but it offers yet another alternative to an expanding eclectic range.

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