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Breathe Out (Writer, Director) 2017
• Short film
Beyond the Woods (Writer, Director) 2016
• Feature film, Genre: Horror.
Spellbound (Director) 2014
• Short film.
Felicidad (Director) 2014
• Short film.
Sonnet 90 (Director) 2013
• Short film.
Slow Crunch (Director) 2013
• Music video for 'In Valour'.
Prison (Director) 2013
• Short film.
Farewell (Director) 2012
• Music video for 'In Valour'.
Searching For Ten (Writer, Director) 2012
• Short movie.
Into The Light (Writer, Director) 2011
• Music video for 'In Valour'.
Behind the scenes featurette for the feature film: Tree Keeper (Director, Editor) 2012
Higher (Writer, Director) 2010
• Music video for 'In Valour'.
Th3 Room (Writer, Director) 2010
• Short horror movie.
Enemies (Co-Writer, Co-Director) 2009
• Trailer for a feature to be made at a future date.
The Driving Test (Writer, Director) 2009
• Short comedy film. Premiered in Cork Film Fest, 2009
Seán le Sleán (Writer, Director) 2008
• Award winning Irish language documentary.
Dreams (Writer, Director, Editor) 2008
• Wrote, directed and edited this music video for Valerie Hely.
The Love Commandments (Writer, Director, Editor) 2008
• Wrote, directed and edited this promo for storyland.
Bear Necessities (Writer, Director, Editor) 2007
• Wrote, directed and edited this short comedy film.
JC (Writer, Director, Editor) 2007
• Wrote, directed and edited this promo for a comedy series I created.
The Director (Writer, Director) 2007
• Wrote and directed this promo for the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.
Clock Stopper Chopper (Writer, Director, Actor) 2006
• Wrote, directed and acted in this short film. Shown in the Clonakilty Flux Festival.
ZZZZZZ (Writer, Director) 2006
• Wrote and directed this short film which was shown in the Cork Film Festival 2006.
The Party (Co-Director, Actor) 2006
• Co-directed, co-produced, co-edited and acted in this one minute long comedy.
-October 2011 Finalist - http://www.shortsnonstop.com/
The Smoke Out (Writer, Co-Director) 2006
• Wrote, co-directed, co-produced and co-edited this short comedy.
Vivian’s Debt (Writer, Co-Director) 2005
• Wrote, produced and co-directed this short film.

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